Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Marmalade Jelly Bag

Take one basket full of old-fashioned hard-to-peel mandarins.......... no-one is eating them, so what to do......... a quick recipe hunt comes up with mandarin jelly.  So let's go for it - try it, nothing to lose really.  Waste not, want not!

 For mandarin jelly recipe, one needs a jelly bag.  This can be easily made from an old cotton t-shirt.  Cut off the lower half of the body, cutting rounded edges for the bottom.  Sew up the rounded edge and then thread ribbon through the lower hem (which forms the top of the jelly bag).  Pulp can be spooned into the bag and strung up overnight to drip into a stainless steel pot.
One cotton shirt ready for jelly bag surgery...

Cut a rounded edge and stitch it up.
Thread ribbon through the bottom hem.

Some kiwi ingenuity - a wood clamp to suspend the rope to the overhead beam.
Stainless steel pot placed under jelly bag to collect citrus juice.

End result: golden Mandarin Jelly.  Great with kumara and pumpkin dishes or spread on toast.
Think of the endless jellies one could make with excess fruit............. apple, quince, crabapple, mint, orange......

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