Monday, 27 May 2013

So shoe me!

In the Opp Shop:
Lucky me!  I walked into an Opp Shop and saw these cute little shoes, just my size, waiting for me.  Yep, I definitely have a weakness for character shoes!  They were almost brand new, no signs of wear and tear and at $8 I could not leave them behind, waiting sadly on the shelf for someone to love them!  It was love at first glance!

Little hobbit-ballerina shoes
I took them home with excitement.  The next opportunity to go out (my home shoes tend to be a pair of ugg boot-ish slippers or gumboots for the Great-Outdoors-Backyard), I slipped into them and off we went.  It was a match made in heaven!  So comfortable.  No pinching, no tightness.  After walking in them for about 10 minutes, I began to realise why someone would have given them up... there was a nasty little stitching catchpoint around the ankles that poked into my skin with every step.  Eeeek!  Definitely not what you want in a shoe!  Acupuncture with every step!  The next day, I cut out 2 felt strips to glue onto the top edge, over the annoying little needle-like stitching.

My solution to the acupuncture shoe

New look felt edged hobbit-ballerina boots!
I have worn them since, twice to kindergarten - no better test as you are on your feet all day, rushing here and there and everywhere..... Eureka!  My lil' shoes were made for walking and that's just what they gonna do!  Life before landfill......

On the internet
And talking of which, I have just ordered Mike's and my next summer sandals on a Winter sale, from an ingenious Kiwi shoe-maker who uses items from trash to make into beautiful handcrafted shoes - works of art!  Trash footwear is based in Raglan and the brain child of Ben (surname unknown) but you can find him and his wonderful assortment of shoes and boots on Facebook too!  I asked if I could come and make my own shoes but until he is geared up to run workshops, I will have to make do with a pair he has handcrafted out of bits of of-fcut leather and an old conveyor belt.  See pic below!  I am sure he won't mind me copying and pasting his shoe pic - seeing as I have bought the pair!  Check out his range - you might just find a pair made for you, and it won't be made in China!  Seems he can post just about anywhere too.  Spread the word - Kiwi-made shoes for the likes of me and ewes!  (that's kiwi slang!)  Summer's sorted!

My summer sandals!  Can't wait to test them out
in our tropical holiday location!
Lilly-white feet, but then it's nearly winter!
Past the Shoe Store
I think because I am happy to wear pre-loved, pre-owned clothes that come at a price that won't bankrupt me, I have this little weakness for SHOES!!!   And even more, I LOVE BOOTS!!  Definitely a boots-kinda-gal.  I have a pair of winter boots on layby .... it's been 5 weeks already!  I wait (im)patiently for their arrival.  They are bright red, with lace-up fronts and lined with sheep's wool.  Mmmmn, nearly fell asleep in them while trying them on in the shop.  I saw an ad and I was hooked.  Just HAD to have them.  I begged Mike.  I even handed my 3yr old pair to my daughter so I could plead my case to him - poor me!  Boot Poverty.  No boots to winter me through the harsh Kiwi Cold.  He relented, when I gave him the little lamb-lost look (meak, demure,cold and hopeless).  So maybe I'll get to wear them in another week or two when they are finally paid off!  Our mortgage will just have to wait!

Feels like Christmas and Birthday wrapped up in one day!  My trash footwear sandal arrived in the post today, and Mike brought my boots home too today.  I arrived home to find them in their box on our bed, with a big hand-drawn love heart.  I am shoe in love!!
Falling in love!  I mean, who wouldn't??

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