Sunday, 4 January 2015

GreeNZ Health Insurance Policy

Blending made smoother!!
We did it!  Bought ourselves a health insurance policy - a Breville Boss Blender!  Yay!  I am in awe of all it can do!  Nutbutters, smoothies, green smoothies, mill flour, frozen desserts - and more!  I have always wanted to make green smoothies and our food processor just does not do the job, at all!  All itty-bitty!  It makes smoothies, but a bit roughly!!  But then, it was never meant for that!

I always thought I would eventually succumb and buy a smoothie maker, even went to an in-home demo of a Thermomix - what a machine!  It did all, including washing itself and cooking the food!  But at NZ$2 500.00, I could definitely not justify buying one!  Hell, that would be half the deposit on a mortgage of a modest home!!
From this.........
To this, in seconds!

Best basis for any smoothie: 1 or 2 bananas, very ripe, for max flavour and texture.
We checked out models on the net, compared performance tests, prices, functionality........... simply, to totally confuse myself!  Then we decided to head on into the Big Smoke to see what a Boxing Day sale was all about!  After sitting in traffic for half an hour longer than necessary (accident en route) we were amazed at the shopping frenzy!  I checked out the blenders - and then I saw him!  The Boss!  And I knew it was love at first sight!  At $100 discounted, the price was less than half of the Thermomix, still pricey but I knew it was the one for me!
Banana, frozen peaches, vanilla and gooseberry blend.

So, so smooth.  A real smoothie!
A little coy smile, a wave of side hair tendrils and my husband was convinced.  We brought the Boss home and it took 2 days before I could bear even opening the box!  My first attempt at a green smoothie was less than mind-blowing, but as I was limited to ingredients found on hand, it was not bad.  The taste test of a green smoothie is all about texture!  My processor would whisk away at a 1/4 of the speed of the Boss, and leave you with unblended, stringy green gunk, totally unappetising and unconvincing to say the least!  Albeit a bit green-tasting, my Boss-made-green-smoothie had the smoothest texture and I know I can improve on flavour as I get more green-savvy!

First attempt, using ingredients on hand.....

Apple with skin, cucumber, silver beet, kale, celery, carrot, lime,
blueberries, stevia and coconut water.

May not look inspiring, but a powerhouse of nutrition
at a quick touch of a button!

Looks like a mug of spirulina but tastes a lot better!
 The Boss is the health insurance we have bought into and is the powerhouse of nutrients that we will be consuming, hopefully at least 2-3 times a week, full of chlorophyl, Vitamins A,C and K, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron! 

The garden is bursting with fruit; nectarines and berries: strawberries, black currants and blueberries.  All great for eating fresh, or in a smoothie.  Yum!
Soaking calendula flowers in coconut oil for balm
Strawberry cage, netted against marauding birds.
A typical berry harvest every 2 days.  Great for smoothie making!
First harvest of nectarines comes in!
To die for; fresh, succulent sweet nectarines!  Taste sunshine!
After bouts of blending, it's out into the garden, weeding, mulching, planting, sowing, watering, picking or just watching!  I LOVE summer!
Phewf!  After all that blending, I need a holiday.  
Shanti stands guard over the emerging seedlings, watches them grow!  She looks exhausted from the hard work!
Guess Shanti thinks she needs a break too!

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