Saturday, 25 April 2015

Locavoring Day 23 and 24

Memories of our Fijian Holiday....

Day 23

Boy, getting a tad tired of logging and blogging all that we eat in a day!  But then, I take heart when I think that there is only  days to go on the Eat Local 200km Challenge!! Wheat, here we come, in 6 days!!  Bring on the pasta and pizza!!

Smoothie - apple, feijoa, fig, blueberry and guava.  Berry, berry delicious!!

Snack: rice crackers and feijoa

Leftover salad ingredients assembled in a rice wrap x2, served with soy sauce
Salad ingredients for the rice wraps
Pre-dinner snack: 1 raw carrot.  Food for the eyes.

Stir-fried champagne mushrooms (Mike discovered them at a local grower off SH2 in Tauranga) with garden-grown courgette, cauliflower and onion (from Onion Place in Katikati), in a cream sauce (Auckland) and rice.  Home-preserved beetroot from the garden and avo (grown locally) on the side.
For dessert, we had home-stewed peaches and Tip Top Ice-cream (Auckland)
A late night snack of tea and Ceres Rice Crisps (the organic rice version of potato chips!!)

I miss Proper Chips!!

Day 24

Same old, same old - smoothie using blueberry (frozen, from Hamilton 114km), feijoa, apple and guava from garden.  I also made some rice porridge for a more satisfying "grounding" breakfast experience!

Leftover champagne mushroom dish with rice.
Snacks: carrot,  Sakata Rice Crackers.

Usually, our Friday night is "Lazy Housewife's Night" for us, and Mike goes to the local Farmer's market and buys Henri's delicious hand-crafted, pizza-ovened pizzas.  Bugger, one more week to go till we can take up that wheaty option again.  We still have to stick to our chosen grain for the month - rice!  So after a quick think, Mike went and bought a local Indian take-away, requesting a locally-grown veg-dish and rice.  Their veggies come from Auckland, luckily still in our 200km radius, so we had a delicious rice and Jalfrezi dish to share.  I made rice flour pikelets with home-made Luisa Plum jam for a sweet treat.  
Habits die hard.  After our TV-free February, which ran through till mid March, as we didn't really miss all that time spent watching movies on the weekend, we decided to treat ourselves to a movie.  During our movie, I experienced that all-too-familiar craving for potato chips.  After a quick fossick through the grocery cupboard (now I know what Old Mother Hubbard felt like), lots to eat, just not during our month of Eating Local!!  So we settled for a bowl of Ricies cereal (I usually make a bake-free sweet treat with Ricies and dates) to satisfy that snacking need!!  
Veg Jalfrezi with rice
Rice flour pikelets
I miss all the snacks I used to have during the day.  Now I have to snack on dried or fresh fruit and veggies!!
The evenings get dark very quickly, so photos of food are really not great!  No natural lighting.

Realising that we only have 6 days to go!!
I also discovered last night, on catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, before hopping into the shower - a totally FLAT stomach!!  Now that has to be a direct result of this Locavore diet!!  What else??  We did not set out with this goal in mind, but it goes to show the effect of a wheat intake - perhaps that is what bloats us a little??  I used to have a little blimp, but now it is totally flat!  
For those wishing to actively lose weight, what can I say??  Become a Locavore!  Mike says he also is experiencing a similar effect on his tummy!  And we feel it in our looser clothing!!  Hmmmn, interesting discovery!
Every day, 2 of these are collected - definitely local!!

Way more guavas than we can eat - a large bowl a day.

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