Sunday, 14 June 2015

Of Ducks, Redwoods and Rotorua

We spent 2 nights in Rotorua a couple of weeks ago.  On our second day, we headed to Hamurana Springs Recreation Reserve, beside one of Rotorua's lakes.  What a beautiful Nature Playground, free for visitors to roam around in.  Many local attractions in this Geothermal Wonderland are priced to rake in the dollars for the local businesses operating in the area.  This is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets, and we wouldn't have discovered it unless a local told us about it!    Definitely worth a trip to check it out!  I think I took far too many pictures and it is hard to cull them down to a few favourites.  The first sight that greets one as you cross the foot bridge, is the multi-jewel-coloured river, with the clearest water rolling over sand, reeds, moss and pebbles.  Like a patchwork river.  Quite breath-taking.  Below is a photographic essay:
Of Ducks:
Ducks float on crystal-clear water.

This little duck floats on water that resembles a swimming pool water, kept in pristine condition!

Floating over mosses and water weeds

Clear water reflecting the sandy shale bottom

Ducks as multi-coloured as the patches of river water!

Shades of browns and blues...

Little black ducks sleep atop a weed-matted section of the river
Geese foraging for food in the grass
Of Water:
Patchwork river

Ducks bobbing along with the current...

Hamurana; Ducksville


Water, water everywhere.....

Water painting

No photo-shopping necessary; unbelievable aquas.
Hues of Blues

Green Underwater World

Monet would have loved this scenery!
Cold, icey water wonderland.

Reminiscent of a coral reef.....

The source of the river - an underground spring.  A million gallons pours out from this spring every hour!!
Coins glint in the dark watery Aladdin's cave.  
Of Redwoods:
Of Redwoods; The path well-trodden

Patterns of Nature's Skyscrapers

Cold, clear, crisp.  Feeling small.

NZ bush

The trees that are Papatuanuku's Lungs.

Tall redwoods against the sky

Where sounds are muted by a thick forest floor leaf litter

Spinnery spider web

A moment to capture a reflective portrait
Of Rotorua:
Interesting wooden fence casts wonderful light and shadow shapes. 
A huge log serves as a home for wayward bicycles!

The most innovative bicycle rack!

Cold, blue winter skies and Autumn leaf colours collide to stunning effect!

This little bench in Eat Street doubles as a solar panel to charge the walk-way lights!  
Well done, Rotorua!

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