Sunday, 1 February 2015

Art Made with Love

One month after Christmas, and we have new art lining our walls, reminding us of The Love! of the Season of Giving.  My daughter spent a good few weeks leading up to Christmas, creating these wonderful artworks for her brother, his girlfriend, and her father and me! She found her inspiration online, and set about creating some love to line our walls.  I have always loved to receive hand made gifts, it makes them super-special and personal!
African Sun by Shayni
African Ellie by Shayni
Imagine my surprise, when we were presented with yet another fantastic expression of love, from our son's girlfriend, Rachel.  Buddha reminds me every day when I wake up: "Each morning we are Born Again.  What we do today is what matters most!"  I love to be reminded of how precious each day is!  Life affirming!  
Buddha painting by Rachel
After Christmas, Mike and I went to Rotorua for a night and I was absolutely delighted to spot this bit of Street Love on Fenton Road.  Yarn-bombing is a Love-Graffiti and is usually a group project to brighten up public spaces and can occur on trees, lamp-posts and just about on any public structure!  One day, I want to take up my knitting needles, crochet hook and do a little woolen graffiti in our town.
Yarn-bombed Sign post
Pom-pom Street Lurv

Cat Yoga

Ephemeral Art: Sun in Tree Arbor